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Welcome to our research group!

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Micro- and NanoTools group was created in 2001 within the frame of Micro- and NanoSystems Department at the National Microelectronic Institute of Barcelona IMB-CNM (CSIC), Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona, Spain. With strong background in MEMS/NEMS, our main goals are the development of Micro- and NanoTools based on silicon and polymer technologies, to provide unprecedented knowledge related to fundamental problems in science. We are a small but highly multidisciplinary group composed of physicists, engineers and chemists to allow the design, FEM simulations, fabrication and characterization of Micro- and Nanosystems.

In 2005 we started, as a main activity, a new research line focused on the development of silicon-based chips smaller than living cells for Life science applications. So, we managed to prove the concepts of Chip-on-Cell and Chip-in-Cell. We demonstrated in 2013 the first intracellular chip, a mechanical sensor, which can detect pressure changes inside living cells and transmits the information without any physical contact.





      2 PhD Positions


- 1 in Design and fabrication of Micro- and Nanochips for Cell Biologyanuncio beca nuevo

- 1 in Surface chemical functionalization of Micro- and Nanochips for Cell Biology


Call Deadline: 29-06-2015

For more information see our Work & Study section




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2013 Nanowerk's TOP TEN Spotlight:

Silicon chips inserted into living cells can feel the pressure




2010 Nanowerk's TOP TEN Spotlight:

Future bio-nanotechnology will use computer chips inside living cells





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 Repsol Foundation selects our spin-off  "Smalle Technologies" as one of eight projects in the second edition of its Entrepreneurs Fund





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